Tips for Increasing Earning from AppWall

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There are some tips for you to bring more traffic to your AppWall link and increase your earning.

1. Promote our AppWall with both promotional Links and JS code at the same time.


2. More pages: Add more NEWLY customized entrance for promotional links of AppWall on all pages, especially on the main page and on the download pages.

3. Create New Ads Slots: Add your promotional links of AppWall at the best special recommendation slots on every pages. Example, promote them on the header with special slogans, on the navigation bar with attractive titles, or make it a button to click or pop-up of your site.

Tips3.png Tips3(2).png

4. Native Ads for Your Sites: Make the link part of your content on your site by using a variety of customized attractive slogans (text, title or icon buttons) to attract visitors to click. For example, use title like “Best Recommended Apps”,”Best Download Contents”or slogan like “Looking for useful Apps for your phone? Click here”, etc.


5. Promote the AppWall with Ad Network.

6. More traffic Sources: Add your AppWall link on other sites, such as forum sites, social networking(eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc) and so on.

7. Please contact your account manager for more suggestions of promoting AppWall.