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Are you wondering when and how your UC Union payment will reach you? Read the information below.

Fill in payment information

1.Log in UC Union, and go to Account management page under the Management tab.

2.Review or edit your current account information in this page.

INR payment.png

3.Information needed for tax exempt status application and successful payment: Name, address, birthday, payment account, and ID Number.

Item Description
name Your real name
address Your current address
country The country you belong
email email address for contact
birthday Your birthday
payment account The account you receive UC Union payment. You could choose the following payment form: webmoney, paypal, and bank transfer
ID number Your identification number, you could choose to fill in either Passport Number, Driver License, Pan card number or Identify card Numberdate

4. Please click HERE to check our Payment Terms

5. For more questions about getting payment, please click HERE.

INR payment by bank transfer for Indian Partners

UC Union supports INR payment by bank transfer for Indian Partners.

Please upload your pan card copy in the Account Setting section if you need bank transfer.

To check your earnings

1.Log in UC Union, and go to Payment Message page.

Account balance.png

2.This page provides your account earnings for each month. Publishers can check each month’s payment status on the Status column.

Payment message.png

Payment Terms

1.Form of payment: Make sure you select a form of payment for your UC Union account. UC Union provides the following payment options: Paypal, bank transfer, and Webmoney.

2.Minimum payout: $10 USD for PayPal and Webmoney, $10 USD for bank transfer in India, $500 USD for bank transfer in other countries. Don’t worry if you could not reach minimum payout for one month, it will be rolled over to your earning in the following month.

3.Billing cycle: From 26th every Calendar month to 25th of the following Calendar month. For example: Installations recorded from Feb 26th to March 25th would be counted as performance in March. Change your payment account before 25th each month if necessary, because modification after 25th will possibly result in payment failure.

4.Delivery time: It takes about 15 working days (statutory holidays and weekends is not included) for the payment delivery.


In order to deliver the payment successfully, please make sure your account information is completely correct, especially your online payment account.
Please note that between 26th this month and 15th next month, you cannot change any payment details under your account.
Cheating behavior will lead to payment delay, which means payment for partners with cheating behavior would be more than 15 working days.