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(Data Statistic)
(Data Statistic)
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A: Please feel free to download the Geo list to get the more detail.  
A: Please feel free to download the Geo list to get the more detail.  
Download Link: http://down3.ucweb.com/down1/apps/special/ucunion/UC_UNION-Country_Code.xls
Download Link: http://down3.ucweb.com/down1/apps/scanned/ucunion/UC_UNION-Country_Code.xls
===Payment Issues===
===Payment Issues===

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Password and Account

Q: What to do if I forget my password?

A: Go to page of get back password to find it back. Enter your username in UC Union, and click Submit. Your password will be sent to your email address.

Q: How to reset my password?

A: Log in and go to page of password reset. Fill in your old password and new password, and click Submit.

Q: What to do if I forget my account name?

A: There are two ways to find your account name back. Contact your account manager to explain the situation, and find back your account name. If you have no contact of our account managers, simply email union@ucweb.com with your website URL, your personal information, we will contact you later.

Q: Can I delete my account in UC Union?

A: Considering data counting and earnings accountings, deleting a account is not allowed in UC Union.

Website and APP

Q: Can I delete my cooperated website/APP in UC Union?

A: Considering data counting and earnings accountings, deleting a website/APP is not an option in UC Union.

Q: When I submit a website, it says “The website or domain name has already existed”.

A: Your website or domain name may be submitted to other cooperation modes in UC Union, please submit a sub-page of your website to complete the website submit.

Cooperation Modes Related

Q: I am a wapka master, how can I use UC Union Ad Code?

A: If you are a wapka website master, you can implement UC Union’s ads directly from wapka’s backend system now!

Please go to http://union.ucweb.com/account_manage/notice.php?bid=236&ispublic=1 for more instructions.

Q: Can I join different cooperation modes in UC Union?

A: An account is allowed to have multiple websites/APPs in different cooperation modes.

With the combination of Cash from Ad Code and Exchange mode, publishers can optimize website/APP traffic and increase earnings enormously.

Q: Can you change my current website/APP in UC Union to a different cooperation mode?

A: Considering data counting and earnings accountings, switching a website/APP to other cooperation mode is not an option in UC Union.

If you want to join other cooperation modes, please submit your website/APP again.

Data Statistic

Q: How to check today’s install/earnings?

A: Please log in your UC Union and find your performance report in Statistic tab.

Q: UC Union is not counting my installs, what happens?

A: Please take the install data shown in the Statistic tab as the standard, which excludes the repeated installs, upgrades, incomplete installs. Therefore, the install data in UC Union interface is most accurate.

Q: What is the exact Geo for the Geo Code?

A: Please feel free to download the Geo list to get the more detail. Download Link: http://down3.ucweb.com/down1/apps/scanned/ucunion/UC_UNION-Country_Code.xls

Payment Issues

Q: What payment forms UC Union supports?

A: UC Union provides the following payment options: Paypal, bank transfer, and Webmoney.

Q: What is the minimum payout?

A: $10 USD for PayPal and Webmoney, $500 USD for bank transfer. Don’t worry if you could not reach minimum payout for one month, it will be rolled over to your earning in the following month.

Q: What is the billing cycle?

A: From 26th every Calendar month to 25th of the following Calendar month. For example: Installations recorded from Feb 26th to March 25th would be counted as performance in March. Change your payment account before 25th each month if necessary, because modification after 25th will possibly result in payment failure.

Q: Can you send my money now?

A: We are sorry that we could not send your earnings before data accountings, all publishers’ payment will be delivered within 15 working days after 25th every month.

Q: I don’t have Paypal/webmoney, what should I do?

A: UC Union also provides bank transfer as long as publishers reach $500 per month. Also there are some other payment options available.