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Cash-Media Publisher-Ad Code is a cooperation mode for wapsite masters to maximize earnings with UC Union.

What is Ad Code?

1. Ad Code is a section of JS and PHP/HTML code. Once it's implemented in a website, multiple ads can be shown dynamically in a single advertisement slot.

2. Publisher’s earnings will be maximized through our multiple advertisers. With the strong support of UC Union system, it can deliver perfect ads that fit your website and guarantee the best CTR.

Cash from Ad Code price

1. This is a revenue share model, UC Union will deliver ads of different products with Ad Code, and you will get the earnings of all ads from the promotion.

2. Payment terms: Our billing cycle starts from 26th every calendar month to 25th of the following calendar month. And payment will be delivered within 15 working days after 25th every calendar month. For payment related queries, please go to Get payment section.

Implementation guide

*JS code

1. JS Code supports 3 types of ads format: Banner ads, Text ads, and Banner+Text ads .

2. Our ads can be successfully displayed whether your browser supports JavaScript or not.

3. To get promotion materials and creatives, please check the Get promotion materials section.

4. To ensure your earning, please MUST read our JS Code Implementation Guide here: Union Ad Code with JavaScript Integration Development

5. How to show different ads format with JS Code?

If you want only banner ads be shown on one ad slot, remember to use the .banner parameter.
If you want only text ads be shown on one ad slot, please use .text parameter on your code.
If you want a random demonstration of banner and text ads on one ad slot, just delete the ads format parameter .
Every ad slot in one website page can be presented in different types of ads format by using associated parameter.


Please contact your account manager for your PUB.
If your server supports PHP, please use the JS Code with PHP. It can analyze more user information dynamically and deliver the most valuable ads.
If your server supports HTML, please use the JS Code with HTML. It also displays ads dynamically and has better CVR than a static promotion link.


1. UC provides API support on Cash-Media Publisher if it’s needed.

2. Find UC Union API setup instruction here: UC Union Server to Server API Setup Instruction

*Guarantee successful implementation

1. Refresh the page and double check whether ad is displayed properly , and ads leads to a correct website or product when you click it.

2. If you insert PHP Ad Code, please make sure the “TM” in your code is a series of random letters and numbers.

3. You can contact your account manager if you need support on Ad Code implementation.


To guarantee the correct data counting and payment accounting, please DO NOT edit any part of our promotion link. If you do so, there are possible chances that advertisement on your sites are not displayed properly resulting in loss of your revenue which may lower your benefits.

*Limitation of Ad Code implementation

1. Publishers are encouraged to implement 2-3 Ad Code positions in one website page, more positions would cause low CTR which would possibly lower your earnings.

2. In order to gain better CTR, we recommend publishers implement different Ad Code in UC Union for different ads slots in one page. You can access different Ad Code in UC Union if you submit different website URLs.

*Promotional electronic agreement and programme policy

1. UC Union monitors publishers traffic and installations quality. Any violation of our programme policy would lower your earnings, and even disable your account.

2. UC Union Promotional Electronic Agreement: It’s important for publishers to read our promotional agreement, since publishers in UC Union must comply with the UC Union Promotional Electronic Agreement. If you fail to comply with these policies, we reserve the right to disable your account earnings or traffic return at any time.