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*Promotion link of AppWall

1.To get promotion link of AppWall, please submit a new site/App in UC Union by choosing Integration Method: Link and Ad format: App Wall.

Appwall get promo link.png

2.Get promotion link of AppWall from the Management section, simply place AppWall link on your site/App with attractive slogans text or icons.

Appwall get link.png

3. Partners can easily download promotion materials of AppWall: Link here.

Appwall320X50-.gif Appwall480X60-.gif Appwall707.gif Appwallarrow1.gif Appwallarrow2.gif Appwallarrow3.gif

4.We suggest partners discover and customize NEW entrance for AppWall link on all pages with special slogan text, title or icons. For example, the AppWall link can be placed as a recommendation tag on the navigation bar , as a pop-up, as a recommended button near your download contents, etc. For more tips, please check Tips for Increasing Earning from AppWall.

5.Make sure implementation has been done correctly by clicking the entrance link to AppWall page.

Note: To guarantee the correct data counting and payment accounting, please DO NOT edit any part of our promotion link. If you do so, there are possible chances that AppWall on your sites/App are not displayed properly, resulting in loss of your revenue.