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APP exchange mode is a cooperation mode for APP developers. By putting a promotion link or apk file on APPs, publishers can win downloads for each install.

With UC Browser’s 500 million global users, UC Union APP Exchange mode will help publishers’ APP increase users.

Exchange ratio

UC Union returns APP download clicks for every installation in APP Exchange mode.

Please contact your account manager for the exchange ratio.

How UC Union returns APP downloads

1. We return publishers traffic by adding APP into our navigation. With our prominent and stable traffic, you could get up to 100,000 downloads for one app per day !

2. To maintain long-term cooperation, we usually need to check 3 days' data for reference, and then we will return downloads.

3. Please note that Paid APPs are not applicable to this cooperation model.

Implementation guide

*How to get promotion links and creatives

To get promotion links and creatives, please check the Get promotion materials section.

*How to Implement

Simply place your static promotion link in your APP or websites to promote.

Please contact your account manager to gain access of apk files if needed.

*Guarantee successful implementation

1. Refresh the page and double check whether ads are displayed properly, and ads leads to a correct website or product when you click it.

2. You can contact your account manager for more promotion creatives.


To guarantee the correct data counting and payment accounting, please DO NOT edit any part of our promotion link. If you do so, there are chances

your ads may not be displayed properly and be visited correctly, which may lower your earnings.

*Promotional electronic agreement and programme policy

1. UC Union monitors publisher traffic and installation quality. Any Violation of our programme policy would lower your earnings, and even disable your account.

2. UC Union Promotional Electronic Agreement: It’s important for you to read our promotional agreement, since publishers in UC Union must comply with the UC Union Promotional Electronic Agreement. If you fail to comply with these policies, we reserve the right to disable your account earnings or traffic return at any time.